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“From the outside these may almost look like two different companies at work: Industry Leader Lego is a blockbuster machine, with Friends, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. Meanwhile “Quirky Startup Lego” expands the public’s notions of the brand with ReBrick, Architecture, Life of George, and Cuusoo. At the core though, they’re both motivated by the same two things; first, encouraging play and creative expression by as many people, in as many ways, as possible.” - Tim Courtney, LEGO IDEAS

Interview with Tim Courtney | GlenBricker’s Review, March 19, 2013

Tim Courtney sat down with Glen Wadleigh, one of the top contributors to LEGO Cuusoo, at SXSW Interactive 2013 to be interviewed on his blog and answer pressing questions community members wanted to know.


LEGO IDEAS 10th Anniversary panel. October 2018, Skærbæk, Denmark.

Tim Courtney interview. June 2014, Chicago, USA.