Tim  Courtney
Tim  Courtney

Tim Courtney

Hi, I'm Tim.

I connect people and ideas to make things happen, building community along the way.

I've done this for a global consumer brand (LEGO IDEAS), a digital agency, technology vendors, user groups, as a citizen advocate, and as a conference organizer.

My work fosters loyalty, increases revenue, and drives innovation. I'm most proud when the results compound to enrich the lives of everyone involved.

You get what you build for, and the magic happens at the intersections.

My Work


Senior Community Engagement Manager at The LEGO Group


Founding Partner at VIVERO

Experience Manager at LEGO® IDEAS

Co-Founder at SocialDevCamp Chicago

Lead Author of Virtual LEGO

Co-Founder at LDraw.org


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Write me at tim at timcourtney dot net.

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