LEGO® IDEAS Crowdsourcing Community

LEGO® IDEAS Crowdsourcing Community


From 2011-2018, I led community and experience efforts for LEGO IDEAS. We grew from 20,000 Beta users in 2011 to over one million activated users in 2018 and 25 crowdsourced LEGO sets in the market.


Watch this 2-minute video to see the impact LEGO IDEAS has had on our Fan Designers.


With LEGO IDEAS fan designer Maia Weinstock and fellow IDEAS team member Hasan Jensen at the Flatiron LEGO Store in New York, 2017.



20,000 Beta users

1,000,000 Activated users

1 crowdsourced LEGO set in market.

25 crowdsourced LEGO sets in market.

Ad-hoc engagement and rewards for LEGO fans contributing product ideas and marketing content.

Established "Participation Promise" governing principles for capturing value and equitably rewarding loyal fans.

Few established submission guidelines.

Mature submission guidelines developed and refined by business units and user community.

No content moderation system.

Scalable idea intake and content moderation system operated by cross-functional team, clear SLA, escalation, and dispute resolution process.


With Head of LEGO IDEAS Daiva Naldal, LEGO Voltron designer Niek van Slagmaat, and Joshua Hanlon from Beyond the Brick at the LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk, Denmark in 2018.

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