DIY Safer Streets Book

Do people drive too fast down your street?
Do you drive your kids to their destinations, but wish they could walk or bike safely?
Are you or a loved one disabled, and wish it was safer to cross the street?

You deserve a safe street where you live.

Everyone in your family should feel safe and comfortable walking and biking for everyday activities.

I want to help you make your street safer to walk and bike.

I've advocated for safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists since 2015. Currently I'm organizing with my neighbors for our city to change our street so people can't drive 50-75+ mph down our 25mph residential street.

Along the way, I've learned:

  • How to talk with neighbors about street safety.
  • How to collect speed data and capture peoples' stories.
  • What local officials and organizations to contact for help.
  • How long it takes for change to happen.
  • What kinds of opposition to expect.

That's why I'm writing

DIY Safer Streets: Make Your Neighborhood Safe to Walk and Bike.

A new eBook coming Spring 2021.

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